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It's been a while since I've logged on so I'll try to update those with questions.

Since Dec 18, Aspyr/LA released v1.1.0 which is now iPhone compatible. I have notice that this version does not permit modification to the /override folder. Reason for this is the file has locked Permissions to "read only" 0755 and needs to be changed to 0777. In order to change, IOS device needs to be jailbroken. There are two apps you may use to change permissions, iFile or Winscp. I use the latter, Winscp, because it's old and always dependable for me.

In order to use Winscp, you must have a jailbroken i-device, Cydia app, and must install OpenSSH through Cydia. Once OpenSSH is installed, you can google how to connect to your i-device. All you would need is the IP address of your device, username: root, password: alpine. You will received a warning, just click "Yes." Once connected, you will need to dig through your device to find the Kotor folder. Mine is //var/mobile/applications

Just right-click on the /override folder and change Permissions from 0755 to 0777. Then drag and drop any mods you have.
*make sure all your mod files are LOWERCASE*

If you have any questions I'll try to answer them when I can but you should be able to Google all your answers. Cheers.
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