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Post The One Year Thread 2014: Main Street Electrical Parade Through The Dark Side

Whelp... Here it is, finally: 2014.

*looks around*

Doesn't really look any different or seem any better than the year we just left so far.

Dunno... Meh... They can keep it. Think I'll go back to bed.

Wake me back up when we all get Landspeeders. Or 2015. Whichever comes first.

Anyway... no plans for today. Play some GT6... Nap... And otherwise just try to chill out, for tomorrow it's back to the daily grind in the old salt mines again.

Unless the craptastic weather we are supposed to see over the next few days somehow causes work to be postponed in some way... Though I doubt I could get so lucky.

Anyhow: Welcome to the 2014 thread of hopes, dreams, and agony, gents! Hope it's a good'un for all.

Post lots.

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