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Originally Posted by Phildevil View Post
Uh, SH, it may not have been listed, but it has been reported incompatible in the mega-thread, that I'm pretty sure

Hassat would probably know what's what on this matter.

There was also a skip Telos mod, so if you are gonna make the skip Peragus, you might wanna do the skip Telos too :P

By the way, never used em' myself :P
If Squall's Skip Peragus mod is incompatible(which it is), then the Skip Telos mod definitely is. And anyways, all that mod does is add a bit of dialogue to the shuttle convo, giving you the option to skip the surface of Telos, instead taking you to the Telos Plateau.

It offers some rudimentary choice, allowing you to pick Light/Dark, whether you took out the bounty hunters(a small bug: This works even without having gotten the quest or seeing them at Czerka...) and whether you saved the Czerka scout in the Underground Bunker...

If I get feedback from HH, I'll look into a new skip Peragus mod, with more choices instead of a blanket all-light or all-dark playthrough of Peragus...

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