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On New Years eve, we invited a couple over to relax, eat snacks, drink, and play some games. Started with a couple of games of Red Dragon Inn a great fantasy themed humor game. Then a hilarious game of Snorta! a blurting memory game. Followed by a game of Guillotine. Our friends decided to leave early due to exhaustion.

Ended up watching the ball drop on TV with my wife, and the following local fireworks show on one of the bluffs.

Then this morning, Made coffee and pancakes for my wife while she enjoyed the Rose Bowl Parade. Had an incredible float that "Launched" some martian saucers and then reloaded them back.

Watched the Badgers lose in the capital one bowl

Oh well, another year starts much as the same as the last one

I don't really do any resolutions. But I do want to brew my own beer this year, and also get under 220 pounds. Going to buy an exercise bike soon

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