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just started playing the telltale game of the walking dead on xbox, it's pretty fun so far.

my puppy is doing pretty good, he had a fun day yesterday with my nephews and playing out in the yard at my parents' today. new year's eve wasn't too bad, i failed to watch the ball drop because they had miley clitoris on there...i was in transit from one spot to another when it turned midnight anyway lol. got to hang out with 3 of my buddies.

trying to plan out what i want to do for my 30th birthday....think i'll find something new and exciting to do besides the usual 'get drunk' ****. i'm over the bar scene...spent last week there and there's just too many stuck up people and it's impossible to talk or get to know anybody at the bars around here besides the bartenders. thinking of just having my friends go bowling, movies, and to the gym with me instead of to the bar, sure it sounds kind of gay (not knocking on u wildstar) but it's a hell of alot cheaper and much less risk than going to the bar. hell i might even start up a game night here if i can find a cheap flatscreen tv we can all chill out in the living room. my one roommate usually has parties here on saturdays, but it's d&d and disney karaoke nothing wrong with that i guess.

it's an exciting start to the year i a decent match on that site, she seems interested and pretty decent, i just hope she doesn't vanish into thin air on me without meeting me personally like a few of them from that site have.

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