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Post Awesome!! keep it up ...

Originally Posted by Toasty Fresh View Post
There are only two models for repeating blasters, so I wasn't able to make a custom one for one of those (I can't remember which one). I think the repeaters the droids use has some different model or it's built into their character model, so I'm not sure what to do about that.

That's a shame. Still, the guns being finished is a pretty good portion of it, I guess I can figure out the melee weapons on my own.

Disruptor rifle and Zabrak Disruptor Cannon:

Download here.
installing disruptors as we speak ... now they DO look like weapons to be carried into a battle, as other stated ...

loved the bowcasters so far, great great job

please keep it up to finish heavy repeaters ASAP, first things first ... those are sooooo ugly that actually hurt my eyes at every glance at them ...

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