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Cool Guy Most Anticipated Video Games 2014

(I'm almost afraid to show my "face" here after that mod cancellation...)

2013 is over, guys. As we look forward to what this new year brings, and await more content from our fearless Commander Joe, I feel it is only appropriate I give you my list of most anticipated games of 2014. Why? Simply put, I'm bored.

Part 1 (#20-11):

Part 2 (#10-1):

Now keep in mind, this is not an objective list. I am simply listing games I am personally looking forward to for one reason or another. However, if you disagree with any entries, I am very interested to know what YOUR list of most anticipated games are. Feel free to leave a comment bellow saying what you most anticipated game(s) of 2014 are, and why. So, let's begin listing!

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