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Slicing hasn't always benefited my other two professions (artifice and archaeology) but I do seem to get some nice missions, schematics, tech parts, and things like that. I can contribute to my guild or sell for some nice creds.

The crafting system is unbalanced if not broken I think.

Originally Posted by Al_Ciao View Post
Welp, it turns out that Advanced Artifice, which in turn turns out that you need to get schematics 23-25 from your trainer, is RotHC material, so that's a no-go. And there are no 26-27 schematics, only RE'ing those mods that drop in Black Hole and Dread Guard gear, which is not a sure thing anyway. Can't get DG gear without doing ops, which in turn I can't do without subbing or at least a weekly pass, so I'm thinking of doing some HM FP's to drop BH gear in it with mods I can use ^_^

Did two HM FP's last night with three or four guildies, and it turned out to be a really good group, and I got a couple pretty nice items. So I reckon this is what I'll do xD
Well, I don't know what F2P allows but repeatable missions like heroics will keep dropping stuff. Also, though it's needless, sometimes extra missions in an area simply for materials and items is a way to kill time, get stuff to sell and R.E. when you need it. You can only benefit from R.E. if you use it so use it on stuff you don't give a flip about.

I've found that by hoarding stuff (materials mostly) till your artifice reaches about 200 (a second cargo bay), though stressful, can yield a moderately good payoff.

Also stuff you're crafting by that point requires minimal investment in crafting supplies and actually everything I have sold for suggested price has sold because people are always looking for general items (crit, power, absorb, defense). Considering 2 thermonic suspension gel is 100 creds, and you sell for suggested market price (about 350, including fee deducted form sale), I'd say that's a small gain not to sniff at. Breaking even was difficult before that point, but now that I get a profit it's worth it. Totenkopf has a point: Max out your gathering skills as much as possible (without putting yourself into the poor house obviously) before working on crafting. If your gathering missions are not yielding a break even, you may have to just grind for awhile before leveling it up again.

I found undercutting on GTN is frowned upon before I did it too many times. Even though I think it's stupid (if you want to run at losses, and cut your nose off despite your face, IMO go ahead), there is a point that it lowers the overall price expectancy on the market.

One would hope their professions could keep them afloat at least as they level up their toon.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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