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Originally Posted by Tigersong View Post
I finally gave up playing because there's no way to talk my way out of a fight. Oh sure, I sometimes have the option of saying "Let's be reasonable about this," but it never succeeds.

That right there is called false advertizing.
Like Lynk wrote, I never remember it as being as simple as just choicing "Let's be reasonable about this" option. You usually have to pick the correct 2nd and sometimes a third correct option to avoid a fight. Smuggler and Agent seem to have the most of these options, which actually make sense to me storywise.

I have level 2 smugglers to 55, 1 knight to 55, 2 Consulars (1 55 the other 49), 1 Trooper 55, 1 Warrior to 50, 1 BH to 55, 1 Agent to 55, so the only one I don't know about is the Inquisitor (Lynk has all classes to 55, but knight), so we both know these options are there.

It isn't a false advertising issue, it is a learn to play issue. You really have to pay attention to the dialgue to avoid fights. If you are spacebaring though the coversation, then no, you are not going to be able to avoid the fight unless you just get lucky picking the right options.

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