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Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post
just got playing on Oricon, that's sweet that they keep adding new worlds to this game!!! current gear is crap, it's mixed.. with campaign field tech boots, campaign field tech bracers, recruit enforcer mk2 belt, tionese enforcer chest, tionese enforcer headgear, [artifact]td-21a dread scout gloves...according to the elder game guide on i should be going for dailies and getting the black market targeter gear. which is better for damage though, field tech or professional? or is field tech for sniper and professional for gunslinger?
When buying gear with comms (without set bonus) don't worry about what class it is for, pick the gear that most improves you stats. If you are playing a sniper, then you want 1) Cunning, 2) get accuracy to 100/110 tech (or as close as possible) then fill in with power and surge. Most crap has way too much crit and endurance. So mix and match until you get what you want. I think I bought 5 or 6 pair of boots to get unlettered mods and get my accuracy where it needed to be on my slinger. I even was buying healer gear, just for power enhancements.

Now when you get gear with set bonus, then make sure it is for your class. But it is only on the armor, so you can still mix and match mods and enhancements.

Also where have you been, I leveled my BH to 55 over the weekend and never saw you on to add to the guild.

Your gear is most likely fine for Oricon, I went through it on my shadow on most Rakata and Blackhole gear, but if you find me online, I will take my agent with you through it. Can't promise it will be fast, but can promise you will not die.

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