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This is the bad news I expected but refused to think about.

Almost all of the Changes, retcons, minor issues, major issues the fans have aired and grieved about since the early nineties have made no impact on my Fandom, because I always knew dark Horse would be releasing quality adult Star Wars excellence, even through the Dark Times (2008-2013 (TCW)) DH came through with classic after classic.

Dark Horse losing the contract for Comics, is my Han shot First, my Midichlorian, my Moffitt Ani. Sad sad day. with there being no mention of the comic licence a year after the purchase, I'd hoped that my Precious EU, my version of events could somehow live on in the canon alongside whatever JJ has in store for our GFFA. I'm not sure Star Wars will resemble what we've come to love, come 2015

Thank you

Jonathan Adams
Paul Alden
Peter Alilunas
Scott Allie
Phil Amara
Kevin J. Anderson
Thomas Andrews
Kia Asamiya
Brian Augustyn
Chris Avellone
Peter Bagge
Jeremy Barlow
Mike Baron
Jim Beard
Scott Beatty
Haden Blackman
Nathan P. Butler
Joe Casey
C.B. Cebulski
Paul Chadwick
Chris Claremont
Dave Cooper
Brian Daley
Peter David
Mike Denning
William C. Dietz
Andy Diggle
Chuck Dixon
Jan Duursema
Ian Edginton
Chris Eliopoulos
Garth Ennis
Paul Ens
Mark Evanierspli
Tom Fassbender
Matthew Fillbach
Shawn Fillbach
Alan Dean Foster
Alexander Freed
Milton Freewater Jr.
Warren J. Fu
Adam Gallardo
Rick Geary
Henry Gilroy
Archie Goodwin
Jason Hall
Rich Handley
Bob Harris
Mick Harrison
Welles Hartley
Rich Hedden
Gilbert Hernandez
Pablo Hidalgo
Shin-ichi Hiromoto
Tony Isabella
Matt Jacobs
Bruce Jones
Ryan Kaufman
Mike Kennedy
Ryan Kinnaird
Sean Konot
Jim Krueger
Toshiki Kudo
Scott Kurtz
Jay Laird
Justin Lambros
Miles Lane
Paul Lee
Sang Jun Lee
Ken Lizzi
Darko Macan
David Manak
Andy Mangels
Russ Manning
Lucas Marangon
Ron Marz
Brett Matthews
Aaron McBride
Shane McCarthy
Carlos Meglia
Steven Melching
John Jackson Miller
Pat Mills
Alan Moore
Steve Moore
Scott Morse
Dean Motter
Bytim Mucci
Michael Murnane
Fabian Nicieza
Steve Niles
Phill Norwood
John Ostrander
Steve Parkhouse
Jim Pascoe
Steve Perry
Doug Petrie
Killian Pluckett
Christian Read
Mike Richardson
Andrew Robinson
Jim Royal
Kevin Rubio
Stan Sakai
Mark Schultz
Louise Simonson
Beau Smith
Michael A. Stackpole
Jay Stephens
Randy Stradley
Jan Strnad
Tom Taylor
Darek Thompson
Dan Thorsland
Erik Tiemens
Timothy Truman
Tom Veitch
John Wagner
Chris Warner
Nathan Walker
Andi Watson
Rob Williams
Ryder Windham
Judd Winick
Jim Woodring
Timothy Zahn
Dustin weaver
Brian Ching
Michael Atiyeh

and all the other many hundreds of amazing writers, pencilers, inkers, letterers and colourists. You created a better Star Wars.

I Don't think the gaping, forever pregnant Alien Queen's abdomen that is the Marvel Comic release schedule will have the patience and TLC that Dark horse had, and release meaningful, inter-related deep stories. The EU is dead.

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