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Originally Posted by Toasty Fresh View Post

No I think it makes sense personally, it gives it the impression that it use to be like a mounted turret or something that was removed from its base to be used by infantry.

I am trying to be as faithful to the originals as possible, which is the main reason.
Hi there, I am a fervent user of your project, it's immersive and looks really great. But for the heavy repeater, I think your mounted turret theory makes sense, really. I made some pictures with the Model viewer and Photoshop about this heavy weapon look.
Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Changing the grip point in NWMax could make this even better and give that turret used as heavy machine gun, that looks really heavy and also powerful in a SWTOR way (if you saw the trailers). Now Canderous Ordo whould look really badass with a heavy weapon like that. Here are some other pictures for references.

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