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Dark Horse gave 22 years of hard work and passion and that will live on in my personal library and Canon, which is a small positive I can hold on to.

The main issue (Other than some great people losing work etc, remember some artists and writers were employed as Star Wars artists, without the contract they don't have a job there) is the conditions in which stories were created...

When dark Horse took over the comic license, Star Wars was forgotten by all but a few fat dudes in Indiana, it was just a "Oh yea, I used to have Star Wars bed sheets when I was kid, what of it?"

An Independent Comic team pushed for the contract, they dreamed of taking the Universe to another level, a massive interweaving story, in the distant past and far future. The Amazing Tales of the Jedi from 1993 was the basis for the very game this sub-forum exists for, Without Dark Horse there wouldn't be a Knights of the Old Republic, and Old Republic... Thank you DH.

Marvel will not be pushing boundaries, putting effort in to maintaining a continuity, they will be releasing tie-in materials for the many (Possibly too many?) films being released over the next few years.

Its a sad day

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