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Witcher 3: High production values, interesting world, good reactivity, neat gameplay, all they need is some better writing and, eh, more practical outfits and it could be the best game of the decade.

Dragon Age Inquisition: DA2 was a fantastic idea terribly executed, but since this game has been making the right noises so far, I'm interested.

Dead State: Brian Mitsoda wrote much of Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, which is enough for me. Seeing a zombie RPG with a focus on dealing with the humans in your shelter instead of shooting zombies in the head should be fun.

Age of Decadence: Interesting setting, little magic, many factions and a story which will be seen from different perspectives depending on your choices/class sounds fine. Also, I guess the no fuss "pick your own adventure" style is an honest way of showing how most RPGs work.

The Banner Saga: The previews say meh, the beautiful art, cut scenes (never thought I'd list cut scenes as a plus), setting, and some neat gameplay mechanics makes me exited. Though why they had to name a female character Oddleif is beyond me.

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