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I registered just to be able to write in this topic, and then I mess up my display settings and can't find anything... urgh.

Anyway, to business:

Originally Posted by Nirone View Post
I've found a bug when I try to leave Freedon Nadd's tomb. The door is just a black spot, and I can't leave.
If I'm not perfectly wrong, that happens when you load a savegame that has been made after Freedon Nadd tells you to run away if you can, but before you actually get out of the tomb (...obviously, otherwise you wouldn't try to leave the tomb). Happened to me, anyway. Loading a savegame that has been made BEFORE you talk to Nadd seems to work all right.

A sort-of-a buglist I have found:
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I have a feeling I forgot something... well, I'll re-report, if I remember what it was and/or if I find something new.

//Edit. Ah yes, of course. Let me continue...
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I guess I should tell that I did a manual installation, not with the .exe installer.

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