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Oh also worth sharing perhaps is that the only save editor that seems to work for me is version 1.3.3 *i mean that the newer ones don't work for me..

I create a folder called Kotor and then copy the documents folder from Kotor iOS into there (currentgame, etc). Not sure if you need all the folders or just the save, but since I edit the companion stats too I assume it needs all (probably not but better to be sure)..

Then after editing I just copy the save back (quicksave) and it works fine..

Also worth noting - relating to upgraded versions:

What I do is make a zip backup of the original override folder (per version - 1.1.1 as of writing).. That way whenever I'm playing with overrides I can always set it back to clean (if there is nothing in the override the game will not work since it needs the IOS specific overrides).. So I can set it back to "Clean" and then add the additional files.. Might seem obvious to some, but might also help someone to avoid reinstalling the whole game like I had to! (not that it takes very long hehe).

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