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Not sure what to do... Fanfic situation

So... I just recently started reading fanfictions for the first time (all KOTOR related).

Among the many that I just read, two of them (well a prequel and sequel) are now the best things I have ever read. They are called From the Ashes (1) and Chasing Redemption (2) and are written by Prisoner 24601 on (Here is a link if you want to read them, they are wonderful: and

But here's the problem. The sequel isn't finished, but I didn't know that when I started reading it so I got emotionally attached to it (hehe). It was last updated like 9 years ago, so I am kind of going insane right now because that means either Prisoner 24601 finished it on a different random website that will be impossible to find, or it never was finished

So the question is, has anybody on this website ever heard of/read these stories? Does anyone know where to find the ending if there is one? I can't stand not finishing a story I have started.

Any suggestions as to what I should do would be much appreciated ...

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