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These are just first impression guesses (somewhat educated):

- Bounty Hunter mod by Ben Fett (This mod restores the class Bounty Hunter and adds it to Mira)

Probably not

- Ebon Hawk Cargo mod by Bill Hickle (This mod adds some plastic containers next to the workbench, places the lab station in the medical bay, and places 2 hiden compartments in the cargo hold)


- Curse Of The Sith mod by Team Hssiss (This mod by Team Hssiss adds a new level to TSL accessable by a pillar on Korriban)

Probably not

- Combat Simulation Arena mod by stoffe (The Arena is a "mini-game" module where you can practice fighting against a variety of opponents, watch games between AI-controlled combatants, bet on AI matches and compete in the arena for credits)

Not sure

- Ebon Hawk Smugglers Compartment Mod by envida (This mod adds a lab station in the med bay (medical room), container in the communication room and a smugglers compartment in the storage room, where the damage HK-47/Mira stands)


- Kreia's Mechanical Hand mod by Master Zionosis (This mod will allow Kreia to be able to get a mechanical hand from a mechanic on Nar Shaddaa)

Probably not

- Onderon Palace Expanded mod by marif (This mod expands the Palace on Onderon by restoring three rooms, that were previously locked and inaccessible)


- Rebuilding The Jedi Enclave mod by Kreia (This mod brings an improvement on the showdown between Kreia and the Jedi Council)

I think it's already included or based off of it? If not then no.

- Remote Unlimited mod by SithRevan (This mod edits the appearance.2da file allowing you to equip Bao-Dur's Remote with different blasters, sheilds, and other items)

Not sure.

- Slums Of Telos mod by HdVaderII (This mod adds 4 New modules on Telos)


- Suvam Tan mod by Ender Wiggin (This mod aims to put back Suvam Tan, the merchant from the space station orbiting Yavin IV. He is in the Refugee Sector on Nar Shaddaa - the Exchange portion)


- High Stakes Pazaak mod by Achilles (This mod changes the wager amounts for 5 of the 7 characters you can play Pazaak with)

Probably your best bet for compatibility.

- Luxa Quest mod by WRFan (This mod will allow you to do the Arms Dealing quest even if you work for the Ithorians)

Probably not.

- Sparring Gauntlets / Carth Pager mod by Xcom (This mod introduces two special items: Sparring Gauntlets and the Carth Pager)

Probably works since it's only items. Could be wrong.

Overall you can see that there weren't many ringing endorsements for the listed mods. Since you've had to reinstall TSL 25 times, I would just stick with TSLRCM 1.8.2 and M4-78EP for now.

But then again, my responses were just guesses based on your descriptions. Can't really say 100% either way, but most lean towards incompatible.
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