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I've long said that rebooting the EU would be a good idea for revitalizing the franchise. Too much constraint would otherwise be placed on content creators. On the other hand, it seems that the father of the franchise himself often subverted that process, leading to chaos.

I've often said how little "official canon" matters in Star Wars and how irrelevant it has been so far (at least to me as a fan). Not as bad as some franchises (Highlander, Star Trek, to name two), but still.

When I watch the movies, I can easily imagine that Star Wars is either a stand alone movie, a single trilogy, or (with more difficulty) a six chapter saga. I imagine that difficulty will only increase when it's nine films! I wonder if without GL at the helm they'll keep modifying the OT or keep it frozen in it's 2011 incarnation? At the very least we ought to get an "ultimate edition" with all the various versions created over the years in high def.

When engaged in a piece of EU material, everything else tends to go away unless it's directly referenced as relevant to the story being told. It's all fanservice, so I'm not too worried either way.

Some people are going to be upset, I'm sure, but they have been getting smacked in the face over that type of deal for decades now.

I say, just like what you like, and don't lose any sleep over what someone considers "official" or "canon" even if they are named George Lucas or are his hand picked successor. We know how often he has changed his mind on stuff and altered the films accordingly. He himself doesn't seem to care much what is "canon" and keeps changing it, as your post title alluded to. At one point, fans might have taken such a thing as a bold move, but there's so much Star Wars material out there these days that few will be able to follow it all, much less care enough to try. It's becoming like those soap operas that go on and on for a generation.

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