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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
I wish would actually release their own news, because it seems all these independent media, report and dissect their own version of it and it turns in to a war of misinformation across facebook, twitter and the like.

The Story Group is basically the same system and members that have been in place for 15 years, it's just now George Lucas isn't there so said group have stepped in to the limelight. Nothing has changed, but it's true, the Continuity will likely be destroyed.

I'm a 20 years deep EU fanatic, but the last few years have been a myriad of poor books and worse still, Canon decisions... I think Star Wars: The Old Republic (Comics) and Star Wars: Legacy are the best Star Wars stories ever written, but whether the future will hold better stories, or the death of my fandom, is yet to be seen.
They've released some. If I'm not mistaken, the announcement that JJ Abrams would be directing was broken/confirmed on the Star Wars Blog. I have to imagine that more and more news will be broken on the website as things get settled with Lucasfilm and Disney. A lot of things still appear to be very hush-hush, but I think that'll change sooner or later.

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