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Thanks for sharing your opinion on the matter. I think I should be a little more specific now, though:

- The Bounty Hunter mod uses tslpatcher and affects classes.2da, featgain.2da and skills.2da. But since it does use the patcher, I was hoping it could be compatible.

- The Ebon Hawk Cargo mod needs to place Atton's, Bao-Dur's and T3-M4's dlg files, plus some other files in the override manually, so I guess they are probably not compatible. However, I found the new scripts attached in this mod's dlg files and put them in TSLRCM’s respective dlg files. Maybe this could work out...

- The Curse Of The Sith mod uses tslpatcher, adds a ton of files in override and only affects ambientmusic.2da, so I see no reason why this shouldn't work (actually, I've played this mod while having TSLRCM installed as well and it worked like a charm, but I had got to Korriban using cheats, so I don't know if it breaks the game somewhere else)

- The Combat Simulation Arena mod uses tslpatcher and adds a few files in override, but affects almost all 2da files. I don't know...

- The Ebon Hawk Smugglers Compartment mod doesn’t use tslpathcer and needs to place k_003ebo_enter.ncs, 004_ebo_enter.ncs and 003_ebo_enter.ncs, as well as upgrade.2da in the override manually, so it might as well be the culprit. And at most times, it doesn’t work.

- The Kreia's Mechanical Hand mod doesn’t use tslpatcher and needs to place some scripts in the override, as well as feat.2da. Suspicious...

- The Onderon Palace Expanded mod uses tslpatcher, replaces Tobin’s dlg file and modifies upcrystals.2da. Hadn’t it been for that dlg file, I’d say I can’t find a reason for this mod not to be compatible with TSLRCM.

- About Rebuilding The Jedi Enclave mod… I am pretty sure you’re right, I think I read that it is already included somewhere, but I am not 100% positive.

- The Remote Unlimited mod only edits the appearance.2da file with tslpatcher, so I believe it must be compatible.

- The Slums Of Telos mod has already given me gameplay issues once. NPCs from Onderon started appearing in Telos Station… You don’t get to use tslpathcer, you place a ton of files in the override, along with some dlg files from Grenn and also, globalcat.2da. If you asked me to bet my money on this one about ruining the game, I would.

- The Suvam Tan mod uses tslpathcer, modifies appearance.2da but also replaces the k_enter_302.ncs and k_enter_601.ncs files. I am not certain about this one.

- The High Stakes Pazaak mod doesn’t use tslpathcer and replaces all dlg files related to pazaak players you face during the game. If TSLRCM didn’t bring any changes to those dlg’s, then they must be compatible.

- The Luxa Quest mod is just Luxa’s dlg file that you have to manually place in the override. Did TSLRCM bring any changes to this dlg file? If so…

- Finally, the Sparring Gauntlets / Carth Pager mod doesn’t use tslpatcher and requires to manually place some files, including the spells.2da file in the override. The latter might be acting up and messing up the game.

Overall, I’d say I have some leads on the mods that are causing damage, but I am standing by to see if anyone that has actually used those mods with TSLRCM can reply to this thread and enlighten me…
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