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Originally Posted by K_Kinnison View Post
So anyone have any thoughts on Disney deciding to look into the Expanded Universe and obviously put a hatchet to it?
Kind of a dumb move on their part... Though I'm sure the rationale is to not have conflicts with the EU stories, and those of the "Official" movies that are coming out that the fans will be going "Yeah, but..." over.

I mean, I read "Splinter of the Mind's Eye" back in the late 70's... between Star Wars (as it was known then...) and ESB... and even though some of what happened in the movies directly contradicted the book, it never freaked me out. Same with the Marvel SW comic book stories. They went all over the place, and held only a slight resemblance to the movie universe. But they were fun, and a way of getting my hands on some new and fresh SW stuff between movies.

It seems dumb to kill off a potential and established revenue stream like that, just to keep everything consistent and "canon." (Whatever that REALLY means in a fictional universe that has many multiple authors...)

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