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SWTOR and how it affects data usage per month on your ISP?

Seems we're having to cut back. My roomie's internet usage seems to be really excessive for my monthly plan.

One of these concerns is how much SWTOR factors into that. Yeah, there's more he does like streaming video and other MMOs (League of Legends I think).

Can anyone give me some numbers as to what the rate of data usage is for SWTOR alone/specifically? What is your plan from your ISP and what data limits do you have?

Mine is 150GB per month AT&T which is huge for just a single person. However it seems at the peak of usage sometimes SWTOR is involved. Every time usage goes over there's a $10 fee and another limit of additional 100GB after which they charge an additional $10, and so on and so forth. I'll probably need to get a separate internet connection just for playing SWTOR. So this may well get expensive.

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