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Sonic rifle

@GeorgNihilus, This is what I meant by unique versions of weapons missing models. I should explain this a little better. In K1, you could easily tell which weapon model was assigned to which weapon. w_blstrrfl_001, which is the standard blaster rifle, uses w_blstrrfl_001.mdl, which is very easy to understand. The weapon name instantly tells me what model it uses. With TSL, the standard blaster rifle is now called w_brifle_04, and it uses w_blstrrfl_003.mdl. Almost every weapon in the game is like this. So the problem is that trying to figure out what weapon model each weapon uses is basically down to trial and error; replacing each individual weapon model with a new model, and finding out what weapon that's actually replacing.

If anyone could tell me how to find out what model weapons use without doing this, using KoTOR tool or something, I'd be incredibly grateful and it would speed this project up very much.

And while we're reporting "issues", I think some of the vibroswords lost their UVW mapping. Model variations 1 through 3 appear to be fine, but the others aren't mapped.
This is just the textures being replaced, but the models not being replaced. I am sorry, I should have deleted that texture before I uploaded the mod.

If this bothers you, simply go to your override and delete w_vbroswrd_004.tga and it will appear as it originally did in vanilla TSL.
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