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Originally Posted by K_Kinnison View Post
My main beefs with the X-wing series: Corran Horn is a Mary sue type character.
Corran Horn was kind of a boring character, but his books were still OK. But the X-Wing series really got good under Allston, and I'd hate to see those go.

all the space combat mechanics was based of the X-wing games. Limited fuel on X-wings fighters became a plot device.
The fighters didn't have limited fuel in the games, though. And I don't remember that being a big issue in the books except for the first one, and it didn't seem problematic to me. I may not be remembering everything, though.

I never had any interest in reading the Vong the books, so I don't know about any of that. Thrawn Trilogy was definitely the best of the EU, though. Even the later Thrawn Duology or whatever wasn't that great.
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