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Whether or not it is cool to hate, both DA2 and ME3 are undeniably flawed games. That doesn't mean you can't like them of course, but I think a good deal of the flak they cop is warranted. Playing DA2 again, you really have to wonder how some of that stuff ever got off the white board, how a room full of developers with experience spanning back a decade or more could look at certain ideas and go "yes, that is something we should include". It's even more puzzling that in the wake of DA2, and all the backlash it generated, that they then proceeded to develop ME3 and make some of the same mistakes again. Granted the two games were made by different development teams, but both teams were at the same studio, Edmonton, under the same middle management, and had a good deal of interplay with each other (and it's not like DA2 was some secret nobody knew about).

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