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I suppose... but she had also expressed how crappy the breakup situation was with this guy, and that she wanted to take time (she told me at least a year from the time of the breakup, which was a couple of months earlier...) to "work on herself" before really jumping into anything new. I took her at her word and didn't apply pressure. But she also seemed enthusiastic about making all kinds of plans with me to get together and do things as well.

I'm starting to think whenever a female uses that type of phrase: "I'm just way too busy to date right now..." or "I'm taking some time off to work things out..." it essentially means: "I haven't reached the point where I've hit desperate enough to date someone like you yet..."

And I'm clueless enough about these things (and usually still riding a wave of hope and wishful thinking) to take them at their word instead of reading it as someone trying to let me down gently.

But again... this was probably just all really ME reading my wishes into things that probably were never really there, and now having to pay the consequences of letting my imagination run away from me. I can't honestly say that I believe she did anything wrong.

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