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Originally Posted by DuckfromPortal View Post
fine I won't try and get any discussion for this forum so its not as dead, I think this ideas dead too so bye
I'm sorry. I didn't know that you were only trying to get any discussion for this forum so it's not as dead... It seems that I mistakenly thought you were looking for help... Others apparently did as well as different people have offered you solutions to all of your questions and concerns. You have not only chosen to reject their solutions, but you've ignored the people offering them without the gratitude of a quick "thanks". And with comments like "don't think i'd be able to get help here, since most of the people here don't respond or talk", I agree with the well-spoken words of the previous poster, who merely suggested to you that "some will get just as frustrated with your attitude, as you are with their lack of replies".

No need to go away sore though. You learn from stuff like this.

Good fortune to you in getting your mod.

Until We Meet In The Sky--

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