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lol god i was so drunk last night. my new year starts today!!!! zero more drinks for me...

Got a PT group set up on facebook with my friends as well as brothers from my unit, as well as future guardsmen...setting up fun events like tonight we're going to go play laser tag, might go hiking prior to laser tag. trying to get some form of organized physical training sessions at the local park in town, nothing more than conditioning drills that are taught in the military, and some running, and guerrilla drills. My goal with this group is to create a stronger bond with guys in my unit that live close by, as well as help out soldiers prior to them going to basic training, as well as them providing the motivation for ME to go out and lead PT with them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I always take alot of **** at drill for posting **** on facebook, so I'm just going to use it as a tool to get myself and whoever wants to join the group in better shape without the use of a gym and weights.

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