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Originally Posted by Lee Starcrowe View Post
Well ain't it always the way. I get all excited about something and join a forum only to find it was popular back in the day, but here goes anyway! I just discovered KOTOR while confined to bed and having lost the use of my right hand to a pit bull: the game is a godsend as I could play it efficiently using only my left, and I can turn all the options up on my 2008 17" buisness notebook. I downloaded a ton of mods after my first time and started fiddling with KotorTool. Currently on Tatooine.....

For a second there I had a jaw dropping moment when I totally misread part of your post. I thought the dog had consumed your right hand!

Anyway, sorry to hear about your hand (glad you still got it, though ) and welcome to the forums, Lee Starcrowe.

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