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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post

Hopefully someone reads it... this all had to be for something.
Enjoyed it very much. We're on the same page, Bioware did a good job on all the characters envolved in the 3 games. Though I have the same 'feelings' towards Kaiden and Ashely. Most of the times I just got bored talking to them. I never cared much who ended up dead. I loved Wrex more

Allthough, I found out with ME3, I had met so many characters I started to care less about the new ones in my crew. After the dirty dozen routine of ME2 I wasn't up to go through the whole 'hello, I'm Shepard' let's be friends conversation thing.

And the ending of ME3 is just weird... I do need replay ME3 again, haven't tested the Citadel DLC. So I skipped that bit of your 'review', as not to get spoiled to much, just took notion it's the best thing out there ^_^

I would have enjoyed an ending where the super weapon just started to shoot the Reapers out of the sky. Rallying the Alliance fleet... the turning point in the war.
Or follow the Illusive Men, taking his place and go with the Reapers or some such crap. Though it doesn't really fit. Anyway Bioware has always done this sort of thing.
But it fitted better for say Kotor to have this black and white choice, it fits better within the games universe.

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