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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
@HED: A batarian squadmate would've been a lot more interesting, I agree, but it would've also overcomplicated things. If they wanted to introduce a batarian into the mix, the best time would've been in ME2. There wasn't really time to get chummy with the squad like in previous games and since Vega was Alliance, all Shepard needed from him was to do his job.
I feel like a batarian squadmate would have helped hammer home the idea of old hatreds being set aside in the face of the Reapers. The game already works to resolve the plots of Salarians and Krogans, and the Quarians and Geth. Would have been worthwhile to have some resolution to the Human and Batarian rivalry.

If the game could take the time to introduce Javik, I think a Batarian could've worked just as well.

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