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Yeah, back in like 2005 or so I had wanted to know about modding my own for SWBF1 but got very little direct, helpful advice. At the time anyways, while it was still pretty big (most gamers switched to SWBF2, although the forums were ablaze with harsh critiques about the sequel... There were lots of complaints about SWBF2, yet most everyone stayed playing it.), it seemed like modding was held as some Big Holy Secret, and only the "Chosen Ones" could mod, and didn't give-up their "trade secrets" lightly... It sort of seemed a bit like a silly little teenie-bopper clique, really; so iI'm not too surprised to see no help for you towards modding NOWADAYS, when the game is played by (probably) less than 100 people worldwide.

Anyways, back then, I had began what was to be a re-dawning of the glory that is the original SWBF1... The New Renaissance of SWBF1... I hosted games online that were ALL exclusively mods, and I made my server name my website (, so people could see what maps I was hosting and DL them to install and join in online battles on some of the best maps created with some awesome other stuff thrown in... Few joined, and momentum was slow, but word was starting to catch on amongst other communities (some of the larger clan forums, etc)... But before it truly ignited, I had fallen hard into Battlefield 2142, and all the effort and energy I was investing in the New Renaissance didn't result in the pay-out I had originally striven for... It was a New Renaissance in the making, but it never took flight before I left it alone on the battlefield.

But, now with Tunngle, apparently we can still play online, though I haven't yet... Since 2006 or so.

Anyhow, IDK what to say about the silence regarding modding. There are mod-tools available I believe, at the FileFront website given above, though I know not how to use them. As for "community", IDK what to say... I never come here, and am only here because I'm curious to play again online... With the maps and mods of the New Renaissance, and a few great "new" ones I've seen on Filefront! ("New" meaning post-2006)

Good Fortune to you with KotOR, learning to mod, and all things.

Until We Meet In The Sky--

Flowing Force,

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