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The piece is confusing. You're going from actual military tactics (The chain link makes sense in creating a bridge); the Romans who were excellent infantry but only mediocre sailors used the same basic presence by mounting ramps on the bows of their ships that slammed down and immediately created a bridge to attack across. But then you devolve into magic and mysticism. The main character is going to save the day and his mortal enemy.
About the use of Taoist Magic, this is how the Three Kingdoms novel depicts the battle. While I can change some things, Zhuge Liang praying for the Eastern Wind is one of the most famous stories of Zhuge Liang, seen in countless movies, comics, novels, TV series and video games (like Dynasty Warrior), as well as a central part in the victory of the Allies over Cao Cao. So, I cannot change it without distorting the story upon which my story is based.

But do not worry. Zhuge Liang does not uses real magic. As you will see in the next part, Zhuge Liang has a reason for saying that he knows magic.

Also, even though he knows of the plan, would it not make more sense to capture at least one of the Assassins so that he has physical proof of the plan for a later use?
He does not want the plan to leak out, in fear that this would break the alliance. That's the reason why Zhuge Liang never shows that he knows that Zhou Yu wants to kill him.

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