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Originally Posted by Fair Strides 2 View Post
It seems to me that you can use the .txi on the visor texture to animate it, and then have the texture cycle between "good glow" and "subdued glow". This of course depends on how you're making the visor glow in the first place(lights, texturing, alpha layer, .etc)...
Yes, but the animation loop is quiete fast or you would need a big texture; with many frames to slow it down. It would look like a strobe light instead of a sturdy pulse.

Anyways, the helmet is a bit on a rest; I had some lightsaber hilts floating about. Felt like it was time to give them a texture.

Here's how things look so far. Mind work on the middle one has just started. Saber on the left and right I consider done. Just need to pick a blade colour and do the exporting part. Plus setting up an item file ofcourse. Oh, and place them somewhere in the game.

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