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Originally Posted by milestails View Post
Yay for collabs!
Originally Posted by Red Hessian View Post
Yes! That's just what I was looking for - Toasty Fresh's models combined with vanilla-esque textures. Great job FG!
Originally Posted by Xarwarz View Post
Great idea for original enthusiast
Originally Posted by CptPriceless View Post
Nice job buddy. Really nice stuff.
Originally Posted by Sithspecter View Post
Really nice work FG!
Thanks all of you!

Originally Posted by milestails View Post
Thanks for the link Phildevil.

Wow this is top notch stuff!

Did anyone ever know about Teta's Blade? First time I've ever encountered that melee weapon. Where in K1 is it located? Same goes for Massassi Brand.
Thanks! I've never actually seen Teata's blade or the Massassi brand, if I remember correctly. I'm doing a run through of KotOR right now actually, so I'll keep my eyes open.

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
Waiting on you to upload it to Deadly Stream, FG!
Uploaded it now!

Originally Posted by Phildevil View Post
I cannot see any of these pictures. Any alternate link?

Nevermind: these seems to work:
Huh, didn't realize the pictures weren't working for some. I'll add those links into my original post.

Originally Posted by GeorgNihilus View Post
first another thumbs up here to Phildevil for those links ...

I think I will take "borrowed" a bunch of these FGs' mixing them with Toasty's textures ... possibly leaving a ... 60% Toasty's 40% FG's final distribution in my Override ...

if you both (FG/Toasty) allow me (& agree with the 'distribution'), that is

haha ... thx a lot, "again" ...

P.S. wait a sec ... wasn't this a textures mod? why all these utis and models? utis required for all these "additional" txis probably, FG??
Haha, thanks. As for the models, UTIs and TXIs, they're needed to work in some of my changes and new variations.

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