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Sabine is definitely my favourite so far.

Also, I'm glad that's it's not a simple "let's get a Han, Luke and Leia character mix in on this, just like the OT" cause that would've been pretty lazy. They're actually mixing things up a bit.

It looks like this group of "rebels" will go around causing trouble for the Empire as we get to know these characters but then they'll eventually meet up and join the Rebel Alliance at some point after they've established the characters and need to bring in new characters and situations/events to progress the story and give the characters more to do and progress more themselves and create a new dynamic so it doesn't just become the same thing over again in every episode.

On a final note: I'm hoping this ends up having a bit of a Cowboy Bebop dynamic between the crew of the Ghost XD |

Ch1 | Ch2 | Ch3 | Ch4 coming soon...
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