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Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
: Now I feel absolutely like an idiot :

I've done animated textures before with an TXI file. I was certain I'dd seen it all there was to see about the TXI thing... Ah, well, just shows an old dog CAN learn new tricks.

Big thanks for that insight Fair Strides
To be fair, it was one of those things you have to try, all the while thinking "This is never gonna work!". Malkior had asked how I had intended to animate the skyboxes. I then mentioned TXIs and he posted on here about animating textures. This prompted either Prime, Disbeliever, or some other rare modder to post the info and it got added as a tutorial.

I threw the number of frames into the calculator, divided by the time interval involved, and then threw the number into the txi file. I was not sure if it would even work...

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