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Wink u welcome

Originally Posted by danman9 View Post
I really appreciate the feedback guys.
The footlker001.utp mistake is being addressed and I will update the DL link. If I would have spent 10 more seconds with the kotor tool I would have saw this error thanks for pointing that out to me GeorgNihilus.
yep. 10 more seconds ...

now ... the only thing that is only somehow comparable to this in my "heavily modded-through-years stock" is svösh/Darth333's HV-88 blasters, added to Mission Vao's initial inventory if I recall ... the stats and texture are totally different nevertheless.

Mission and Carth really appreciate this add-on ... cheat working without issues so far and stats a little overpowered for challenging fights in first ... 8 or 9 levels probably, that's why we have Kotortool for? (the damage bonus by energy is too high, I just set it to 1d4)

oh ... & the inventory icon ... it does hurt my vision each time I browse my pistols inventory

keep it up

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