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Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
I said this looked awesome. Then I checked it out.

It wasn't.

It was better.

To say that it impressed would be an understatement. The area design is great (though shouldn't the skyboxes have tops? ), and the areas themselves are vast. The main street would have been a fantastic addition to the game, and an incredibly memorable area.

And you even got the arena working!
Thanks! Was the arena included in that pack? I wasn't aware. But I did just kind of upload all that I had.

The skybox should have tops but there is no texture for it. I never got around to making one.

Looking back I see plenty of flaws, and looking at the original Bioware screenshots, I think I could piece the original back together a little better. But I agree, there is potential with the area. I'd love to fill it with content but that is just not my skill set. My talent would be wasted...

And I guess you could say that I'm slowly releasing Sleheyron one module at a time.

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