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Red face Awesome!!

well ... was about time I reached that shyrack cave, sorry for the delay FG

now I know how Zhaboka does sound for real haha... great job indeed

so, besides a random not so random freezing right before crossing the cave bridge that wasn't happening before installing this, everything works smoothly (did u spawn anything there? before the bridge to the left if facing the bridge, just tell me yes or no or if the area was edited somehow around that zone ... seems all the content is INSIDE the visions tomb.)

anyway, I can avoid walking to the left of the bridge to move on into the visions tomb.
Loved how the cutscenes are firing so far and the details put into it. I did try to ...
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and now I'm wondering if I should head right to Kreia and ...
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IMPRESSIVE restoration, so far FG ...

thx, be back ASAP with feedback got to sleep

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