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If your only typing "helpusobi" in the drop down console, cheats will not be executed. Because the game's script doesn't know if you want turn cheats on or off. '0' for off and '1' for on.

You haft to space after the letters and add the numerals one or zero afterwards. If you don't, like I said the game's scripts doesn't know if you want turn cheats on or off.

This is what you always want to type into drop down console, if you want to activate the cheats properly: helpusobi 1

Because the game is set at helpusobi 0 as default; which deactivates the cheats.

As far as your problem with not getting to a map, I never seen a map called BSP listed in JKA. Unless it's some kind of mod map that you've installed, that you didn't mention beforehand.

But here's a list of all the maps that are in the JKA game;

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