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Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
Just finished up the last "season." Fantastic work - some really great storylines and even better technical achievements. I couldn't help but notice that the music selection (more noticeable themes) throughout the episode greatly added to the maturity and tie-in quality of these episodes.

It really was bittersweet watching those episodes as I knew they were the last ones for the Clone Wars...and you could feel the "war" coming down to Episode III by the time you got to the end of the season. Unfortunately, they never were able to write-out Darth Maul...which I think is a travesty - not one that the creators of TCW had anything to do with. Really just unfortunate that not only a story arc was left unfinished...but that a major character's story wasn't wrapped up for continuity's sake.

EDIT: Just saw that they'll be writing out his character in comic books. Which is not optimal, but I'm glad they'll be taking the time to clear up that huuuuuge loose end.

Oh well...regardless, what a wonderful series. One that I will be sure to revisit many, many times in the future!

I agree whole-heartedly. I finished them up last night. It left me wanting more, when unfortunately we know there is no more. I'm hoping if it's successful enough, they reconsider and finish up the series proper. Would love to see Filoni's vision of right up till Ep. III. That would be amazing.

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