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So this thread may be dead but its the main thread relating to what i wanted to say.
I played KOTOR 1 first and I hated it, I only ended up playing the second one because my brother baught it. to me the first one dragged on and on and on,
Endar spire was nice, but then there was the upper level of Taris.
I liked Carth, but Bastila was annoying as heck, Underworld was amazing and had life, but you had to go through the annoying Lower level to get there.
Zaalbar is Whiny but awesome Mission is a brat. You might see where i am going with this, in Kotor 1 for every good thing there is a bad, planets were ok, characters were nice, but it had a yin and yang of balanced good and bad stuuf that just made it aweful to me

Then I played Kotor 2, the first time i played it, peragus was just right, Except for the lack of people adding to the atmosphere, that was annoying. It was dark, creepy, and felt hopeless, setting up for the rest of the game. Harbinger set up the 'main' baddy, the guy who follows you and fights you and who you think will be the main baddy.

I hate telos, it sucked, the first time i played it i felt like it should have evolved and gained more quests and kind of been a hub like the citidel in mass effect. It was bland as someone said already.

I never go to Dantooine first, I go to Nar Shadaa, And I feel like for the time the game was released, it is spectaular, it has beggers and threats and bounty hunters, and crime lords and . . . too much for itself to have one direct meaning, it loses itself like you are supposed to get lost in it, which is great.

Dantooine had the wrong atmosphere to it, because the civil war thing was supposed to be in parralel to the sith jedi conflict like the one on onderon, but it had no hand behind the mercs except a disgruntled dude who talked more than he could walk. It felt like a collapsed society fighting over its shattered remains of its pasty glory (an echo if you will)

Which leads me to dxun and Onderon, Dxun as almost everyone says, is my favorite planet because it is the polar opposite of Onderon and yet they are basically twins, Dxun is a jungle that has hidden mandalorians who are rebuilding and trying to recapture their glory after a war that basically wiped out their species, they are the untsamed beasts of the two. While Onderon is a civilized world world that has hints of their tamed selves falling apart and the scent of civil war on the horizon, a war that threatens them to become like Dxun. A struggle of dominance for the throne as others in the shadows watch and wait, (kavar the jedi, and hinted at nehilis the sith)they wait for the war to begin so their millenia old struggle may come back to light, that of the beast versus the man, Mandolorians join the exile and who he chooses will win.

Korriban wasn't expansive, but i really liked it for its puzzle and sion revealing something that makes you think more about kreia.

I loved the battle for telos and thought thats where the game should have ended on board the ravager after defeating nehelis and having your team run on ahead to plant more charges, kreia, reveals herself and the final battle happens with her trying to use telos to create the same wound as malachor v, but no, Malachor V drags and ruins the game for me, not completely but it just makes me sad to see it make sion such a subordinent to Kreia, I mean if he ended up on the ravager trying to help Kreia and Nehelis to Finally bring an end to the jedi and to kill you, It would have been so much faster and better, having a posibly five tier bos battle ending with an epic duel between Darth trayus and the exile (Sion, Sion-Nehelis, Nehelis after absorbing Sion and gaining his power, trayus, trayus again.)

I have qualms with the end which still haven't been rectified by tslrcm,even if I do enjoy tslrcm alot (It adds so much! I love it) It doesn't solve the ungodly stall to the end of the game that is the pile of feces filled with wasps that is malachor V

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