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Thanks a lot for this JC . I'll be putting a lot of it to use for making mods. Right now, I plan on using the animation features to help with screenshots for player portraits.

Originally Posted by JCarter426 View Post
And I thought I'd point this out before anyone notices... there is a typo the latest version. One of the updates was to fix some of the item icons so they don't override ones that are already used in the game... but I forgot to reflect that in the installation files. So you'll have to copy the icons manually in the meantime; they're the ones that start with "ip_". I'll fix it in the next release, of course, but that doesn't warrant one on its own, and I've already started working on some new functions anyway.
it seems that ip_pltuseitm_122.tga and ip_pltuseitm_123.tga are missing, but ip_pltuseitm_252.tga and ip_pltuseitm_253.tga do exist in the tslpatchdata folder. So, what are they supposed to be called when I put them in the override directory?

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