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Hayze's Sith Experiments - with new info!

First off this is a WIP post, for all my WIPs, so that you guys can check out what I have my nose stuck in.

I've got a few different things going, each in various levels of development. Red means it has been released!

1. Extended Enclave: This is a joint project between myself and danil-ch. It has been released! Experience the Enclave like never before!
Show spoiler

Release Thread Link

2. No Headgear in Cutscenes: for those who like their headgear, but hate how it blocks faces in cutscenes, this is for you. This mod modifies every dialog/cutscene in the game to disable the headgear until the convo ends. No more faceless exile!!!

This one should be coming soon as well, after I get one or more of these other's out.

3. HK Repaired Chassis: This is an update of Ecce's HK chassis mod released on Kfiles. I loved the idea of making HK look like he's assembled with different parts from different models, but the original mod applied the texture to his every appearance. This will use appearance.2da to fix that.

4. No Tutorial Prologue: I like playing the prologue in TSL, I rarely skip it, and one thing that became increasingly grating was the presence of the Tutorial dialogue and voice-over. This mod will remove all dialogue telling you about game systems or story details you know like the back of your hand, in a few places there is still some of the computer's VO, but only where it felt right.

5. Twi'lek VO for Kaevee: TSLRCM added in the lost and confused padawan Kaevee into a questline on Dantooine, while the quest itself is fine, alot of people have expressed dissatisfaction with the VO. This mod will very simply replace her Basic VO with Twi'lek VO.

6. The Awakening: This is a big one. I've talked about it with only a few people, but it's the project I'm most looking forward to really getting off the ground. Most of us were disappointed with the final outcome of the Revan novel. While this mod won't be addressing that, it will lay the groundwork for something. This is basically going to be a playable version of Part 1 of Revan. You'll get choices and scenarios for dark & light, male & female. It's currently in the writing stage, as I plan out all the dialog.

Keep your ears open! This post and thread will be updated regularly, with new info, screens, pertaining to these, and my secret projects...

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