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Originally Posted by Kainzorus Prime View Post
Not too keen on the blue marble with white bits. Maybe if its pattern was smaller, it would look better. As it is, it reminds me of ham.
Originally Posted by Christos K View Post
^I agree. My suggestion would be to make it darker.
Originally Posted by LDR View Post
As long as you get rid of the white (or make it less prevalent), then it will be alright.
Aha, yes, the tiling is rather far to obvious, though I really like that particular kind of marble

Originally Posted by Marius Fett View Post
Wow... Just... Wow. xD

As for you skybox Q, definitely a vast improvement. Definitely worth giving your pig a stroke, what what?
Hahaha, rub it! Dang you! Rub it real hard!

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
I'd like to see what that marble texture would look like if you made it greyscale. Could you post a shot trying that out?
Well, I could do that, though already 90% percent of all the Malachor textures is overly greyish. On this texture blue is the main tone, even in the orginal.

But I'll do some more test runs.

Speaking of test runs. Playing around with a trial version of FilterForge.
It creates textures and there's a large database. I've been playing around with swirly obsidian rock.
Show spoiler

It's just testing the waters; I've created more variants, more swirly, less so. Bigger swirls, tiny swirls... You get the point

One thing though, is I'll have to adjust the colours and the contrast. It just pops out to much compared to the other textures.

Stay tuned for more updates, thanks for the critiques guys

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