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Hey everyone!! does anyone knowns a way to make the game run smoother becoz on the first level l get a very big lag with the steam effects and also when l return to the main menu and then l click on the options and then a big lag comes out again!!! argh ! l don't understand what's going on please ! can someone help me with this
it an old topic i know, but it so happens that i know the answer to this question, becouse some time ago i enountered the same problem. Considering, that the forum is not so much alive enymore, im going to dig this one out.

This might sound trivial, but what you have to do, is to reinstall your graphics card drivers. First try do download and install the newest ones. If this dosent work, then try to install older drivers, for your graphics card. It is important, to first try the newest ones, becouse i remeber, when back in the days i had the same problem on my Geeforce 8600GT. I installed the latest drivers for it and problem dissapeared. If installing the latest, or older drivers wont solve the problem, then try a little program called "3d analyzer" and if this dosent work, then your graphics card (or current version of your drivers) is simply incompatible with the game.
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