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Originally Posted by Astor View Post
My only concern is that Peter Mayhew, as much as we all love him, hasn't been in the best of health over the last few years, especially since having both his knees replaced. I just hope that the filming schedule doesn't add to those health problems.
Well, if it's any cheer up for dad hobbled around on a decrepit knee for nearly 31 years. He got it replaced, a bit of rehab later he was walking better and standing taller than I ever remembered in my life. His injury was from before I was born. This was 5 years ago next month in may.

Now I can't really speak to any other health issues Peter may be having BUT...Gotta expect a particularly large man as Mayhew to develop some joint problems later in life. When you consider pro wrestlers Andre the Giant and Giant Gonzales and how they died younger and in worse shape...I'd say Mayhew stands a comparatively good chance. So long as the gig doesn't have him doing anything too strenuous.

...and a prayer never hurts.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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