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I think there's very little chance that the new movies will discuss pretty much anything from the EU at all, unless it's a nod here and there, or the powers-that-be happen to like a character that could fit in the new story.

And personally, even as a fan of the EU, I'm totally fine with that. Much of the EU contradicts itself already - that doesn't make me like any of it less. The Clone Wars animated series also contradicted much of the EU - those books and other media can still be enjoyed even though they are against a higher level of canon. The Clone Wars also borrowed here and there from the EU, which was nice to see at times.

I prefer it when the creators are big fans of the saga, and show reverence toward it. This was the case for Dave Filoni and The Clone Wars, and I feel is probably also true for JJ Abrams. It's in good hands. But EU stories aren't going to be on the silver screen... they just aren't Ep VII movie material.

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